Engines with the Motorpal VERMi injection system are certified for the latest Stage V emission limits

Motorpal has met an important milestone in the development of their fuel injection systems. Recent tests have confirmed that the latest generation of the company’s electronically controlled VERMi in-line pumps, when coupled with a well optimised exhaust gas aftertreatment system, meet the most stringent Stage V emission limits for non-road applications. The VERMi system has proven to be a robust and cost-effective alternative to common rail injection systems.

The good results that were achieved during the development of the system have now been officially confirmed with the successful type approval of engines of two long-time customers of Motorpal: the Czech company Zetor Tractors and the Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ), the latter being a Belarus producer of engines for tractor- and industrial engines. The very satisfactory results achieved in long-term durability testing as well as the homologation are even more precious as the VERMi pumps are now equipped with the new, in-house developed electronic actuator of Motorpal. As part of the new electronic governor, it provides high-precision and reliable governing in all operating conditions. The actuator marks the largest improvement over the previous generation of the system and both performance and durability have been greatly improved.

The VERMi system was designed foremost as a solution for engines for agricultural and non-road applications. It builds on the strengths of the proven in-line pump, the high reliability of which is now combined with high-precision governing and the capability of communicating with other electronic systems on the vehicle over a CAN-bus. With this product, Motorpal offers its customers and end-users the advantages of a proven solution that will work reliably even in the most challenging operating conditions. At the same time it offers competitive performance, fuel consumption and low total cost of ownership. Another advantage is the ease, availability and low cost of service.


Stage V emissions

Stage V regulations require 40% lower emissions of particulate matter (PM) when compared to Stage IV. At the same time, it also monitors the number of particulates of a particular size (PN) – see the table below:

  Power   CO HC NOx PM PN
  kW g/kWh g/kWh g/kWh g/kWh 1/kWh
Stage IV 56 ≤ P < 130 5,00 0,19 0,40 0,025
Stage V 5,00 0,19 0,40 0,015 1×1012


Engine developers will appreciate the quick optimisation of the system for performance and emissions at a low development cost, as well as the resulting low engine-out emissions.

End-users can rely on service that is widely available across the globe along with fair-priced spare parts.

Motorpal is presently working on further application development projects with many different customers that have chosen to rely on the VERMi system for their next generation of engines.

The successful homologation of two engines of different customers for Stage V is an important milestone towards the expansion of the presence of Motorpal in the segments of tractors, construction equipment vehicles and generator sets, sold especially in Europe, Russia, Belarus and India. Thanks to its commitment to the systematic development of in-line pumps, Motorpal has enabled customers to meet the most stringent emission standards and ranks among the most environment-conscious companies in its field.