In October 1946, a new mechanical engineering plant was founded in Jihlava – the national corporation called PAL Jihlava. It was a branch company of the plant seated in České Budějovice, later in Prague. The company in Jihlava was split on 26th July 1949, changing the name then on 31 January 1950 to MOTORPAL JIHLAVA, national corporation, Jihlava, focusing on the manufacturing program „Manufacture of injection devices for ignition motors“. At that time, it was a brand new manufacturing program, introduced to the Czech Republic for the first time.

In the course of its existence, MOTORPAL was exposed to many external influences: however, the company was able to respond by continuous development, searching for new solutions, and building its position on foreign markets. Carefully developed business strategies, along with the quality and reliability of its production, resulted in new business opportunities, which may be evidenced by its level of exports in 2005, when 86% of production was sent abroad. MOTORPAL products have been sold especially in Western Europe, but also in Asia, South and North America and Africa as well. Among its key customers, you will notice well-renowned companies, e.g. Andoria, Deutz, John Deere, Steyr, Škoda VW, Tatra, Wabco, Zetor and many other leading manufacturers of Diesel motors.

Since the very beginning, MOTORPAL has concentrated especially on oil injection proper, the whole system of fuel injection, complete service, and individual designs on request. Among other things, we are successful because we are able to provide most of the components necessary for injection systems from our own production: single-cylinder pumps with external drive, multi-cylinder pumps (pumps with cylinders in line) with own drive system of a camshaft, and various accessories, mostly consisting of valves, pintle-type and hole injectors, injector holders and fuel filters. The product series also includes testing instruments used for pump adjustment, and car components. The injection systems made by the company MOTORPAL are widely used in the world of Diesel motors. In addition to motors for tractors, lorries, trucks and machines used in building work, they are used for ship and train engines, motors used for generators, and stationary motors.

Emphasised in the concepts of MOTORPAL is the balance between precision, quality and keeping pace with the most advanced technologies – the company is a qualified OEM partner of leading companies in the car industry and engine manufacture.

The engineers and designers working with MOTORPAL, along with the producers of motors, deal with ecological issues: the control systems of the motors are being improved, emission limits lowered, and, last but not least, the fuel consumption is being reduced. There is a competitive advantage, compliance with limits EURO 4 and TIER 3, which means an improved, lower consuming standard injection system. The quality of MOTORPAL products is the main priority: all requirements of ISO 9001, QS 9000 and VDA 6.1 have been met.