Our Goal

“Maximum Effectiveness”. We raise cooperation with our partners up to the partnership level. Considering the continuous improvement in our technology, we can provide our partners with various advantages.

Our Policy

  • We continually strive to achieve the lowest overall costs
  • We routinely monitor the output
  • We still endeavour to make technology more efficient
  • We intend to increase the productivity of both parties
  • We endeavour to achieve the highest quality at the lowest costs
  • We carefully monitor whether anybody is even better in the area

Electronic Purchasing and E-business

Electronic purchasing and competitive bidding in the form of e-auctions are essential tools as far as purchasing is concerned. We use electronic catalogues for purchasing and we hold competitive bidding with respect to the provision of material and components through e-auctions. We know that electronic solutions are advantageous for our partners to the same extent as they are for us. Thus, we encourage our partner companies to use such solutions. We correctly assume that such purchasing methods will predominate in the future.

About us

We could content ourselves merely with acting in accordance with the letter of the law as do many other companies. However, we are different. We really believe that we will do best with real professionalism. We are straightforward, honest, and friendly and we appreciate all our partners having such properties, too. Our employees work at full stretch and good relations with our partners are crucial for them.

Standard Requirements

  • Consignment stocks, JIT, KANBAN
  • At least ISO 9001
  • Maturity of 90 days

General Purchasing Conditions:       General Purchasing Conditions (pdf)