Injection nozzles

MOTORPAL Jihlava a very important manufacturer of fuel injection devices for diesel engines.

Among others it also manufactures a whole range of injection nozzles, the catalogue of which is presented here. MOTORPAL injection nozzles are the socalled closed nozzles, consisting of a body and a needle, which form an individually, with a tolerance of thousandths of a milimeter exactly manufactured unit, the parts of which can therefore not be arbitrarily substituted.

Two basic types of injection nozzles are manufactured:

  • pin nozzles – designated DC, DN ; mostly used in engines with indirect fuel injection (engines with precombustion chamber)
  • hole nozzles – designated DO, DL, DOP, DLLA; used in engines with indirect fuel injection.

Dear customers, we have the pleasure to introduce to you the production programme of injection nozzles manufactured by our fi rm. We off er to you not only these injection nozzles but the whole broad assortment of our products, which can completely solve your problems with fuel injection for diesel engines.