Since the earliest days MOTORPAL has stood not for merely Diesel Fuel Injection System – Pumps, Nozzles, Injectors, Filters, but the testing and Servicing Equipment as well. Thanks to its technological capabilities, MOTORPAL became one of the world leading suppliers of the Fuel Injection Systems and Components.

MOTORPAL offers a large assortment of the in-line and Unit Injection Pumps with an outstanding reputation in Products long service, reliability and durability.

MOTORPAL strives for continuous competitiveness of its Products, in order to meet the Diesel Engine Industry future requirements – today’s most urgent challenges, i.e. emissions reduction, quiter operation and greater fuel efficiency.

MOTORPAL consistently demonstrates its integrated capacity and expertise to deliver to all of its customers the complete Diesel Fuel Injection System, based on required performance specifications, from design in the concept phase to the final development and the reliability-durability testing.

MOTORPAL Products Quality is the first priority, by reaching the ISO 9001, QS 9000 a VDA 6.1 Standards’ requirements. To maitain and to extend the technology and Quality capabilities, MOTORPAL has built up a separate plant for the single-purpose and special-purpose machinary manufacturing, and has bought the latest measuring equipment, using the SPC methods in the production process.