The injector and the injection nozzle ensure thorough fuel atomizing in the combustion chamber of the Diesel engine. It consists of a nozzle holder and an injection nozzle.

MOTORPAL places equal emphasis on the precision, quality and technology of the manufacturing injection nozzles, nozzle injectors and all other injection equipment components for Diesel engines as well.

MOTORPAL produces a broad assortment of injection nozzles in two basic versions:

  • hole nozzles used in engines with direct fuel injection and with opening pressure 150 – 320 bar
  • pin nozzles used for engines with a pre-combustion chamber or whirl chamber, with indirect fuel injection and opening pressure 110 – 160 bar
  • for large Diesel engines with cooling

MOTORPAL  produces a broad assortment of nozzle holders in common form delivered for engines with either direct fuel injection or with indirect fuel injection with body diameter 17, 21,25,32,45 mm.

There is an injector version with cooling available as well as some future types in dependence on Diesel engine form. The nozzle holders are delivered in sizes and versions in accordance with following survey. However, it is possible to order other forms according to the Diesel engine producer‘s demands or service agent‘s needs.

Nozzle holders’ current sizes

Nozzle holders’ current sizes – lower spring, opening pressure set by taking up washers.

Nozzle holders’ special sizes

Holders for DOP.S and DO.S nozzles with opening pressure by setting screw adjustment (upper spring), clamped by a clip or strap plate (VN.S type) are run-out types and delivered just like spares parts.

Holders for T, U, and V nozzle sizes are manufactured in small batches according to particular requirements of compressionignition engine producers.