There are several sizes of PC and PR pumps in the MOTORPAL Production Program. There are pumps, driven from outside means, there is no camshaft. PC pumps diff er from the PR type by having their own tappet with roller. They are manufactured in single- cylinder form. Thus each of the engine cylinders has its own injection pump. Only the smallest of them, PR2M and PR2K are manufactured in two-cylinder form as well. In addition, more than a third of the PR type of injection pumps is built into the engine body.

The field of use for PC and PR pumps use is very wide – from small engines for agricultural small-scale production with 1 kW/cylinder power output up to stationary engines, marine propulsion and railway engines, operating even with heavy fuels and having 500 kW/cylinder power output. On top of that, these pumps fi nd use even in industrial branches, for example, for fuel injection into a blast furnace, cyclically loaded friction surface lubrication, etc. All the PC pump sizes can be supplied with a diff erent fl ange, fuel inlet placing, assembly opening, etc. The newer design of these pumps can handle pistons with various diameters and shaping of their top part (piston head). This enables better starting of the engines in tricky climatic conditions and better covering of engine producers’ requirements concerning fuel burning. So with the right pump size, its form and the right piston diameter, the optimal adaptation of the injection pump for each particular engine is ensured.