Injection pumps of type PC1M are single-cylinder pumps without their own driving mechanism. The pumps are designed in such a way that their dimensions are compatible with the dimensions of (today widely used) injection pumps of size Q. However, their performance parameters are much better than the parameters of the Q-size types, so you can use them for modernised versions of older engines while no big modifi cations of the drive and regulation mechanisms are needed. The PC1M pumps may be used for engines up to 20 kW per cylinder.

The working piston of the injection pump may be designed in such a way that the starting point of the injection process may be modifi ed in relation to the speed and to the engine load. The modifi cation signifi cantly and positively aff ects the ecological parameters of the engine. Regulation of the fuel supplied is provided mechanically, by means of a regulating rod with a separate regulator. The regulator and the regulating rod must be integrated into the engine. The camshaft equipped with a cam suitable for the pump drive must be a part of the engine as well. The transfer of the motion of the cam to the piston of the injection pump is provided via a jack with a pulley, supplied as accessories to the injection pump. The jack may be a standard or so-called hydraulic type. The hydraulic jack is completed with a mechanism that (in accord with a suitable control hydraulic circuit) may modify the starting point of the injection. The function is used especially when starting cold engines.