The injection pump devices consist of the in-line fuel injection pump and its equipment. This equipment consists of the speed governor, feed pump, pump clutch, excess fuel device, overpressure corrector and other accessories.

In the in-line fuel injection pumps range offered in this leaflet, the medium category Diesel engines producers’ demands are covered.

MOTORPAL produces in-line fuel injection pumps for various engine applications – for tractors, trucks, railway locomotives, ships, industrial use, gen-sets and engines for stationary use.

These fuel injection pumps can inject into compression ignition engine cylinders both Diesel fuel and, after making some modifications, petrol and other less valuable fuels.

MOTORPAL  supplies complete injection equipment, including all the necessary services, beginning with equipment design up to compression ignition engines producers’ deliveries. The in-line fuel injection pumps differ by size (M, A, Z) and the way the pump is to be fitted to the engine.