Injection units, size M, type „e“ and „f“ are intended for small and medium-sized high-speed Diesel motors for automobiles and tractors: the performance is up to 30 kW/cylinder. They meet emission regulations up to the EURO / TIER II level.

The housing of the injection pump is pressure-cast top aluminium alloy; it is a mono-block, fixed to the motor by means of a flange. The multi-block type of the injection pump eliminates deformation and contributes – along with other construction elements – to the perfect tightness of the whole injection unit. From the top, installed in the body of the injection pump are half-block injection units, easy-to-replace or repair assembly units, which means not only variability but a perfectly developed process of injection as well.

The injection pumps are equipped with a mechanical universal regulator. Accessible adjustment elements provide easy and perfect adjustment of the injection unit.

The regulator may be completed with a mechanical negative corrector, intended for correcting natural transport characteristics of the injection pump. It is used for non-supercharged Diesel engines, mostly in combination with a mechanical positive corrector.

Top efficient and limiting regulators may be provided with a pneumatic overpressure corrector. The overpressure corrector is intended for supercharged engines. It is used for correction of the injected substance at low speed, depending on the air pressure in the suction piping of the diesel engine, while preventing extended supply of the fuel in rapid acceleration.

The PP.M.e and PP.M.f injection units comply with conditions for the operation of modern engines. Long life span, reliability and connection to the engine lubrication circuit means minimised requirements on operation and maintenance in the course of the whole exploitation of the injection unit.