The fuel injection devices PP.M.i and PV.M.i are the next innovating step of the dimensionally smallest in line pumps of size M. Modernization of these devices focuses especially on achieving the possibility to work at high injection pressure, on maintaining the required service life and increasing other technical features. This is assuming use of this pump on modern diesel engines which are able to meet ecological regulations EURO III and EURO IV. The injection devices can be used on engines with output per cylinder of up to 35 kW.

The injection pump M.i is characterized by signifi cantly greater robustness of the housing, a more rigid drive mechanism and a whole range of other design improvements, particularly involving the injection unit itself. Besides the housing’s strengthening, the solution to the protecting sleeve and the unit’s sealing in the housing of the pump has been modified. For perfect optimization of the injection process a whole range of possible variants of plunger and delivery valves is offered. The injection units are, similar to previous types, put into the pumphousing as separate and easily replaceable assembly units.

An integral part of the injection device is the governor, ensuring its correct function in dependence on revolutions and engine load. The device M.i off ers a mechanical governor in the form; an all speed governor and min.-max. speed governor. As may be required the governor can be equipped with a negative and positive corrector, they give broad possibilities of shaping the delivery characteristics of the injection pump. The easily accessible adjusting element of the governor allows easy and perfect adjustment.

For turbocharged engines the governor can be complemented with an overpressure pneumatic corrector which serves to correct the injected quantity in dependence on the air pressure in the fi lling passage of the engine and at the same time prevents increase of the fuel delivery (and by that engine smoke) during fast acceleration.

As part of the injection devices to increase technical facilities and user comfort, a range of additional equipment is delivered:

  • Starting device – takes the overpressure corrector out of operation and by this allows the control rod to be moved to the position for engine start. The device is controlled by an electromagnet for 12 or 24 VDC voltage.
  • Independent stop device – this equipment allows users, by using the stop lever, independently of the immediate regime of the engine, to move the injection pump’s control rod to the STOP position. The equipment is controlled manually or by a stopping electromagnet for 12 or 24 VDC voltage.
  • Adjustable idling stopper – stop of the control lever in the position corresponding to the idling regime of the engine.
  • Start from the idle position – this equipment allows the start position of the rack to be achieved by the throttle lever-idling automatically without depressing the pedal.
  • Locking device of the camshaft – the equipment allows locking of the injection pump’s camshaft in a previously agreed position with regard to theoretical beginning of delivery of a selected basis injection unit. It makes it easy to adjust the basic timing during assembly of the fuel injection pump on the engine.