The fuel injection pumps type PV.Z.i are the largest in-line injection pumps with their own camshaft, and are manufactured by Motorpal, a.s. Jihlava. They have been manufactured as six and eight-cylinder types. Their modern design, connection to the engine lubricating system and high performance parameters, rank them among the world‘s best products in the category.

The numerous improvements that distinguish them from previous types guarantee no leakages, operational reliability, and long service life. The improvements include increased rigidity of the pump housing, the use of integral pump elements, strengthening of the tappet mechanism and bearings, and last but not least, connection of the pump to the engine lubricating system. Another favourable feature is the leading of waste fuel that seeps past plungers outside the pump housing so that the fuel cannot get into the lubricating oil circuit.

The matched plungers and barrels form units, the individual parts of which are not interchangeable. The fl ange formed on the top end of the barrel has two elliptical holes used for fastening the pump element to the pump housing. This fl ange, which can be rotated in the range of ±7°, enables the adjustment of fuel delivery of individual pump elements.

The mentioned improvements, the high-grade materials used and the surface fi nish together with precision manufacture make the PV.Z.i fuel injection pumps a product with a high engineering standard and high quality suitable for use with C.I. engines with maximum cylinder power of 190 kW.