Testing aparatus NC 253

The NC 253-3239 tester is designed for checking and adjusting Diesel Engine injectors with an external shank average up to 25 mm and with a thread at the inlet branch of M 12×1,5 and M 14×1,5.

The tester enables you to adjust and measure the injector open pressure, to check its function and to test the injection nozzle tightness and to see currently display measured values of the pressure drop time of the injector in seconds. The pressure and drop measuring is carried out by digital pressure gauge NC 228 with a microprocessor to which is sent a signal from the tensometrical pressure sensor. During measuring all values are shown on the double-line tester display including pressure drop time in seconds.

The tester liquid circuit is closed. The sprayed test liquid from the injector is retained in a sealed glass cylinder from which it is drained into the test liquid tank.

The NC 228 digital gauge is built into a case made of shockproof solid ABS. All tester operations are provided by means of a watertight fi lm keyboard with 4 operating buttons with arrows: right, left, up and down. The LCD display is situated behind the window under the film.

The tester enables current displaying of several measured values on the LCD. With the application of modern technology based on microprocessor systems it is possible to control all its functions and use 10 variable programs for pressure drop measuring.